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Get valuable insights & optimise the Customer Experience with Voice Analytics

Improve Quality | Ensure Compliance | Minimise Risk


Get first-hand knowledge how customers interact with your business and use it to improve their experience, ensure compliance, generate saving, and limit risk with a best-in-class Voice Analytics Platform

Cognitive View’s Voice Analytics allows you to examine 100% of recorded customer conversations and extract valuable intelligence with 95%+ accuracyBy analysing contact centrvoice dataVoice Analytics delivers rich insights about:

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Improving sales
  • Quality issues
  • Compliance considerations
  • Customer churn
  • Marketing campaign effectiveness

It also provides you with the necessary tools to build a customer-centric approach and use risk-based supervision to reduce operational risk.

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Voice Analytics makes it possible to...

Optimise customer experience

Optimise Customer Experience

  • Understand customer tone, sentiments, and other factors
    driving positive customer experiences
  • Quickly identify customer churn & take proactive steps
  • Support early customer concerns identification and efficient complaint resolution
Improve quality & compliance

Improve Quality & Compliance

  • Ensure your staff meets
    quality, regulatory & disclosure requirements
  • Provide targeted coaching to your agents by analysing their individual performance
  • Discover your best-performing agents and most-effective conversion strategies
Direct cost savings

Drive Cost Savings

  • Automate human
    supervision processes to
    decrease costs
  • Prevent litigation, financial impact, and damage to your reputation
  • Reduce significant cost
    involved in the complaint
    resolution process
Minimise risk

Minimise Risk

  • Watch customer interactions to prevent compliance failures
  • Avoid conduct risk with
    hundreds of behavioural
    patternsincluding customer vulnerability
  • Leverage risk-based
    supervision with incident and breach management

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